I’ve worked at agencies of all sizes over my career, and like most things, they each have their pros and cons. But for me, I love being closer to the action and prefer working to make a difference in the trajectory of small and medium-sized businesses.

There are also so many more small-to-medium sized businesses out there. And as much as advertising people like to dream (myself included), there are only so many Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola’s out there. Our local chamber of commerce and the amazing number of startups out there make up the majority of businesses who need some sort of marketing help.

I recently read an article in Ad Age, “The Future of Small Agencies.” https://adage.com/lookbook/article/small-agencies/future-small-agencies/314350/

I thought it was a fascinating read and pointed out many key reasons why it might make sense to work with a small ad agency. Here are a few key highlights that struck a chord with me:

  • Smaller agencies more suited to project work vs. more old-school agency of record arrangements.

  • Speed-to-Market. I don’t know of any business these days that isn’t interested in speed and agility. It’s just the way we do business now. Small agencies can stay nimble and often don’t have the layers and unwieldy process hurdles to overcome.

  • Value of Creativity. Small agencies have the ability to spend more time on creating great ideas and getting them to market quickly. Small agencies can easily tap into freelance specialists as needed to enhance creative thinking. Great ideas truly can come from anywhere and small agencies are no exception.

Every company is different and your needs may vary as well, but don’t underestimate the passion, creativity and value provided by small agencies.